Branche d'Olive Boxed Candles

Branche d'Olive Boxed Candles


A Branche d’Olive candle presented in a gift box.  A gorgeous mix of soya and mineral oils in a choice of six aromas: 

- Mellow Fig with green fruit notes, blackcurrant, soft vanilla and citrus

- Verbena, a strong lemon scent, with white jasmine and soft musk

- Neroli, the sparkling note of orange and petitgrain combined with orange blossom and rose.

- Cloud, a combination of blackcurrant, fresh rose and violet enhanced with notes of soft vanilla and sandalwood

- Garrigue, the signature fragrance of citrus, with bergamot, lavender, thyme and sandalwood

- Old Rose, a delicate blend of green freshness of the tea-rose with the creamy petals of the white rose, basking in jasmine

- Burning time - up to 40 hours


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