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Escape Room In An Envelope Puzzles!

Escape Room In An Envelope Puzzles!


Choose from three different puzzles to solve, all neatly contained in an envelope!


Perhaps you might take on The Blunder and help James who, when travelling through China, made a devastating and embarrassing mistake. He sent a very private message to the wrong people and he’s in big trouble if this gets out.


Or The Scandal, where a sports photographer has stumbled across a story of match-fixing and blackmail at the Marseille Tennis Championships. A bank of files and documents are being used to threaten a leading tennis star and they need your help to disrupt the plan.


Or The Deceit.  A successful TV chef has been betrayed, but by who? Her reputation’s on the line and her fortune is in jeopardy – she knows where the secrets are hidden but she needs your help to find them.



Or buy a pack of one of each to keep everyone busy over Christmas!


All puzzles are for 1-8 players, aged 14+ and take approximately 60-90 minutes to complete

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